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Keep Your Mac In Top Condition With These Apps

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If you’re like me and love your Mac, but find that over the months and years, it has slowed down somewhat and is not as efficient or as fast as it once was, then there are a couple of decent apps you can download to give it a new lease of life. Here I’ll be reviewing two different apps from …

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A Look At The New Apple M1 Chip

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So what do we know about the new M1 chip so far? Well, most people would agree that it’s already a game-changer. The rest think it’s worth keeping an eye on for the future. At the very least, we know M1 technology is about improving performance and efficiency. So was this something we needed? Definitely. Because where my old Mac …

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How to Change Date in macOS via Terminal

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So have you had an error message while updating, or reinstalling your macOS recently? You are one of the few thousands of people that visit this blog post each month, so don’t worry, you are not alone and this solution is most likely for you. Installation Failed An error occurred while preparing the installation. Try running again. This error above …

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Celebrating 10 Years of iPhone

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We happen to be incredibly lucky to live in a time when so many great inventions and advances appear regularly. In fact, we are almost immune, even bored, by such advances in this day and age, perhaps being hammered by endless marketing and hype, and the amorphous nature of clouds, Internets of Things, and the creeping updates in modern hardware.However, …

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Apple Topics

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I love Apple products. They are the foundation of my start-up business. Since becoming Apple Certified Technician back in 2008, I just felt in love how Apple build and support their products. So this place will be dedicated to All-Apple-Things. New products, reviews, opinions, tips and tricks. This is an introductory post, to give you as a reader some heads …