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Celebrating 10 Years of iPhone

Rafal KuklaApple

We happen to be incredibly lucky to live in a time when so many great inventions and advances appear regularly. In fact, we are almost immune, even bored, by such advances in this day and age, perhaps being hammered by endless marketing and hype, and the amorphous nature of clouds, Internets of Things, and the creeping updates in modern hardware.
However, when Apple launched the iPhone on 9th January 2007, we lived in slightly simpler times. And, even though it took a few years to become the hundreds-of-million seller we take for granted now, the iPhone announcement was one of those stories where the stars aligned and the whole computer industry took a big step forward.
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Until then, Microsoft and HP had been flogging us a range of chunky stylus-based Windows Mobile devices with all the elegance of flatulent rhino. Executives had been tapping away at their BlackBerry devices, and while others beavered away at a touch OS, nothing was a touch on the elegance of iOS with its multi-touch screen and focus on ease of use for consumers, not those with degrees in IT.

Sure, it took a six months for the iPhone to launch, and many more for it to gain a foothold around the world. Yes, it was soon rampantly copied, despite Steve Jobs’ claim to have heavily patented it.

But now pretty much every smartphone looks like an iPhone and acts like an iPhone, despite others advancing the technology and coming up with their own cunning UI skills. But, for now, ignore all we know today and imagine you’re back 10 years ago, struggling with tiny keyboards, stylus, horrible menus and such like. Think back to a time when the world was ripe for change.

Perhaps Apple is looked on with cynicism now. Back then, the company took a huge leap in saving us from drowning in technology, which is why I, and millions of others, still love them.

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