Hi, I am Rafal 👋

I Help business owners and individuals grow with Technology by offering fully Managed IT Services to frustrated Apple users and WordPress website owners. But, that's not all. You can learn a little bit more about me from the information below.
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Early days...

At the age of 9, I learned the basics of DOS on the oldest IBM you could imagine, which covered my entire desk. 💾

I created my first Website and sold it with tinny profit at the age of 13; since then - you could say that I've had entrepreneur mindset and I knew one day I will set up my own business.

In my late teens, I began taking computers apart and rebuilding or repairing them for others. Let's say my dad wasn't happy about that 😬. 

My tech foundation was DOS, Windows 311, Windows 95 or 97, Adobe Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, and of course, I am old enough to remember a dial-up internet. 🚦

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How I started...

Born in Kraków, Poland 🇵🇱, I immigrated to 🇬🇧 UK at the age of 19. After working my way up and trying different jobs and positions, I've decided to start my own business in 2013 💪.
So from 2013 until this day, I'm a business owner and despite it can be challenging it is exceptionally rewarding - when things work 😊. Yes, I have to put out fires every single day, but I get to see the effect of my work in real-time.


Becoming a husband, and dad changed my perspective and view on things. I've got an amazing and supporting wife, which I can call a best friend and lovely two daughters that I am fortunate to spend every single day!

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Voluntary work

My voluntary work at Surrey Police last just over 13 months, and I worked at least two half-days per week. During this period, I was responsible for the Vulnerable Vehicle Scheme operation across Surrey, UK. The VSS (Vulnerable Vehicle Scheme) was created to remind motorists to keep their cars secure and not have valuable items on display.

My main goal was to convert data from paper slips - which have had the registration number of the vehicle, including a description of some high-value items on display, such as handbags, iPads, Phones or even money, into digital formats such as Excel or Word document.


Throughout my KravMaga training (between 2011-2013), I've had privilege to train with some of great experts in this field e.g. Roy Elghanayan

I've been a causal cyclist for most part. I brought my Boardman MTX 8.6 BLACK Hybrid back in 2018, primarily to commute from my house to my office. But I got hooked. As some people say, cycling its a slippery slope. 😊

In 2020, I did some fantastic rides in the summer with a few of my friends, and I loved it. This led to my first road bike - Orro Venturi STC 8020 R400.

You can read my blog about rides and places around London.


Over the years, I accumulated over 20 Professional Certifications such as Apple Certified Support Professional, Google Workspace Administrator, and CompTIA A+.
Certification Gsuite
Certification Comptia
Certification Apple
Certification Apple Technician


Just a few companies that I have privilege working with them directly, and calling them clients.
Clients Macpaw
Clients Deltalive
Clients Shootyou.png
Clients Chasemore
Clients Cgaexperience

" Rafal is essential to the running of our video and animation production company. A knowledgeable, approachable and personable guy Rafal not only looks after the day to day running of our firm but continually 'horizon scans' to ensure we are using the best tech possible. Top man. "

Quint Boa

Quint Boa

Projects / Companies

Projects and companies that I am directly involved and responsible for.


Friendly Cycling club based in Weybridge for local cyclists.



Blazing Fast and Managed WordPress Hosting, including Support and Maintenance!



FilioTech® is a dynamic and friendly Apple-focused Managed Services Provider (MSP).

" When it comes to making IT user friendly, whether your a time constrained CEO of a networked video production company or a ‘silver surfer’ struggling with an iPad at home (or both) Rafal is an absolute tonic "

Karen Boa

Karen Boa