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After X | The Theme successful launch at Themeforest, Themeco comes out with "Pro", The most advanced WordPress builder with unique features to make your WordPress a power-horse.
Pro - Welcome to the future of site building in WordPress. Welcome to Pro.
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You can build an essential website with about any theme, but Pro allows you to tweak every single element on your web page to be precise to your needs.
And I love it. I've been a fan of Themeco product ever since I tried X. Let me explain why you should use it too.

The Builders

The new custom header and footer features allow you to enhance your website's layout potential. The custom content builder lets you present the information in any way you want. The high level of customizability gives you full control over the experience you create for your visitors and clients.

Without the hassle of designing from scratch, Pro gives you the feel of creating on pencil and paper where you have a full range of control. This real-time canvas allows you to choose from an extensive collection of font families and colour palettes, allowing you to assign them to a part of your website automatically.

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Cutting down the work you have to do with its default palettes and extensive element library gives ideas every step of the way, so you don't have to strain yourself.

Endless Possibilities

As if everything you've already seen isn't enough, Pro also comes with these incredible features.

Some of the features you will get with Pro.

Loopers - Output data from WordPress on your frontend without any fuss. Design custom recent posts output, product listings, etc.
Conditional Elements - Have you ever wanted to display content only when a user is logged in? Or on a particular date? Now you can with Element conditions!
Effects Module - Bring your pages to life with our Effects Module powered by CSS transforms and filters, scroll triggers, interactions, and more!
Custom Workspaces - Move, resize, and dock Pro's modular UI to create the perfect workflow that suits your needs.
Dynamic Content - Build living pages that leverage all of WordPress on the frontend of your site. Utilize page content, meta, ACF inputs, and more!
Inline Editing - Most Elements can be edited directly from the live preview, giving you quick access to make changes on the fly.
Role Manager - Setup each installation according to your needs by locking or unlocking certain features based on a user's role.
Skeleton Mode - Take a quick peek "under the hood" to get a more fundamental view of your site's structure and content in a different workflow.
Font Awesome Pro - Who likes premium icons? If you do, you're in luck. All of Font Awesome Pro's weights (solid, regular, and light) come with Pro.
Nested Content - Pro supports infinitely nested content, allowing you to create intricate layouts that are difficult to achieve in other builders.
CSS Coalescence - All elements have their own styling options and they are optimized in one output (no inline styles).
Presets - The building blocks that are so incredibly powerful you'll never want to design without them again.
And many many more. For full list, please visit Pro Website for more information.

Sounds professional. However, how do you use it?

With no need for coding or other back end applications, you can use the browsers and tools you already have to create your dream website or for your potential clients.

Moreover, with the millions of choices at your fingertips comes the control to search for precisely what you require. The search bar enables you to type in the feature you need without learning where all the tools are beforehand. The self-explanatory navigation tabs allow you to navigate the application and locate the tools quickly.

Believing in the futuristic outlook brings the New Theme Options panel instantly showing the latest of their kind. For Pro, the future comes with versatility and flexibility, and the native controls allow you to drill down to the minutest of details.

With the power of custom block building, you can replicate many modern designed, like the Apple music website, in hours.

Is it going to cost an arm and a leg?

Well, not really. The Pro Lifetime license starts from $99 or $14 per single license per month. That depends on your budget and needs.
However, you can also use this fantastic WordPress theme/builder completely free of charge. And this is how.

I started a new business called ForgetWP® - Which means Forget about WordPress. Let us deal with it.

If you are looking for a personalised WordPress manager with support and hosting; We give our Pro clients the ability to use this system completely free of charge. Of course, as long as you remain as a client.

Moreover, the best part about it is that you can tap-in into over three dozen plugins at your fingertip. Our one-click system allows you to install these amazing plugins completely free of charge.

Pro understands that the tech world is ever-evolving and wants you to be on track with all the changes.


With this software's purchase comes lifetime updates and support, so that whenever Pro receives new features or optimisation, so does your website.

Have questions regarding this evolutionary technology? Do not shy away from creating a conversation in the comments section down below.

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