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I've been a causal cyclist for most part. I brought my Boardman MTX 8.6 BLACK Hybrid back in 2018, primarily to commute from my house to my office. But I got hooked. As some people say, cycling its a slippery slope. 😊

In 2020, I did some fantastic rides in the summer with a few of my friends, and I loved it. This led to my first road bike - Orro Venturi STC 8020 R400.

A few months later, the Surrey Cycling Club was born, where I would wake up before sunrise to explore the beauty of Surrey Hills with some of my friends.

If you love cycling, and you local, I'll post some cool rides, routes and topics.

This is an introductory post, to give you as a reader some heads up what to expect in the upcoming weeks and months.
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