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WordPress – Where to Start

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Thanks to the Internet, we keep in touch with our friends and family, do our shopping, and conduct business. The potential was very quickly noticed by entrepreneurs and marketing specialists, which is why it is developing so quickly.
Some even say that if you are not online, you do not exist. There is something about it because we search for almost everything on the Internet. So giving up such a chance to reach a large number of customers is not an option.

How to make a beautiful website quickly

Anyone who wants to have a strong online presence knows that having a website is a priority. Fan pages on social media are effective in attracting potential customers but are not enough for a business to build a credible image.
Over a decade ago, developing websites was a complicated process and only specialists were involved. Each site had to be written by professional programmers. As CMSs began to appear, WordPress soon became the most popular solution. Website development was no longer black magic.
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WordPress is so intuitive that anyone can learn to create a site without the extremely complicated process of coding. WordPress has made website design quick, easy, and fun. Thanks to amazing developers, you can grab an extremely powerful theme or framework for less than £100, with unlimited or yearly support and updates.
As the section of this post suggests, it is straightforward to create nice looking websites. You can jump right into demo and import templates for your next project. Then, you can just replace text and logo. Starting something from a blank page requires vision, creative mind and graphics, and coding skills.

But don't assume that every WordPress agency or a designer is using this type of shortcuts, and still charge a fortune for the web development process.

I build WordPress sites using Themeco Pro framework, and I always start from the beginning / blank page. Unless I work on my own projects, I will copy/paste styles I already wrote up.

Hosting and Care

Many people ignore this process. They think that if the website is developed, and hosted somewhere, you don't have to do anything. And I get it, in the ideal world I would expect the same, BUT let's not forget about the danger of the Internet.

Having an online presence, Online Shop, Website, Blog in any form that is abandoned, not up-to-date, and not looked after regularly can lead to very unpleasant situations.

For example;

  • Phishing
  • Hacking
  • Malware distribution
  • Adware distribution
  • Reputation damage
  • Blacklisting
  • and many more
Because WordPress, plugins, themes or even hosting environments are never 100% secure.

To fill the gap, in 2020, I created Managed WordPress Services, Superfast Hosting, Maintenance and Support for WordPress users called ForgetWP.

Which means - Forget about WordPress

Managed Services

The average entrepreneur or business owner does not have time to supervise and update their website correctly. Running a business is so demanding any changes to the company site are always put off until later because they are not a priority.
Due to such negligence, the website starts to work slower and slower and is also exposed to hacker attacks. Such a website (and its hosting) is then ineffective and can actually harm the business's image.
It is difficult for business owners to reconcile running a website with work duties, so services such as Managed WordPress Services are becoming a popular solution.
Blog Managed Services
The website owner does not have to worry about constant updates, website optimisation, or increasing its security. Ensuring adequate protection is extremely important when customers leave their personal data (e.g. in the contact form) on the site. If it falls into the wrong hands, it can cause an absolute avalanche of problems.
Moreover, thanks to Managed WordPress Services, every website owner has a lot more free time. Such comprehensive protection and monitoring are very important today because a website is a showcase of your business on the Internet.
A properly maintained website is necessary if you want users to find your services. Effective website protection translates into the protection of your potential customers' data.
" A properly maintained website is necessary if you want users to find your services. Effective website protection translates into the protection of your potential customers' data. "


When choosing Managed WordPress Services, it is worth considering picking a reliable professionals who will provide your website with the proper care it needs. ForgetWP is one of the newest and youngest names on the market.
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