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It's weird, back in 2020, I've had discussions with myself about Clubhouse app, whether or not this will be something that I would want to be a part of. I've seen LinkedIn discussions that this social app will be great, voice only, people can ask you to join them on stage. My thought was - nope, no thanks.
In January 2021, Elon Musk twitted this -
Elon Twitter Clubhouse
I immediately reacted, downloaded the app, and reserved my username @rafalkukla but then, I was greeted with a message that this app is invite-only. Screw it. I'll wait.
Not long later, a person I am connected to LinkedIn approved my profile and brought me to Clubhouse app, Thank you, Pam Case.

And I got hooked

And from that moment, from this evening I was hooked.

It literally blew my mind, how good this app is, but most importantly, being able to listen to live conversations between an amazingly talented group of people.

This app becomes my daily go-to-app. I listen to some groups every single day, sometimes for hours. It's like an audiobook, or conference call.

Ask yourself, what would you do or how much would you have to pay to get on-call with people like;

Grant Cardone
John Lee
Rob Moore
Shaa Wasmund
Jim Kwik
JT Foxx
Barbara Corcoran
Nick James
Daniel Priestley
Matt Fiddes

for coaching lesson, or mentoring, or just for a chat in general.
Chances are = ~1%

Clubhouse Screenshot


For me, Clubhouse is giving me access to Millionaires, Billionaires, the 1% people that otherwise, I wouldn't be able to have access too.

And being able to listen to them, and learn from them, how they do or run their businesses, mistakes and failures or I shall probably say, a tuition fee that comes with growth. Do's and don'ts. For me, it's fantastic.

It gives me a daily dose of inspiration, motivation, and it opens my mind.

If any of you are on Clubhouse, find me and follow me.

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